Building the classrooms of the future

  • Dell Technologies attended Bett 2020 to demonstrate and explore the latest technologies in education
  • The potential of digital transformation in teaching is very apparent in MERAT, where challenges vary between locations, meaning one solution cannot suit all countries
  • The new Latitude 9510 laptop allows teaching professionals to work more efficiently and effectively
  • Classrooms are beginning to move away from the smartboard and towards collaborative monitors such as the Dell 86-inch 4K interactive monitor
  • Gaming and eSports present a great opportunity to revolutionize how students are taught, using real world situations

A new decade has begun. By 2030 huge changes are predicted across industries, as digital transformation and emerging technologies are embraced to drive innovation. And education is no exception – according to a recent trends report in Forbes, 2020 is hyped to be the decade when schools truly embrace new technology.

To kick start the new decade, Dell Technologies attended Bett, along with over 800 leading companies, 100 new EdTech start-ups and 34,000 attendees. The event was an opportunity to showcase the latest technologies which are transforming the education sector.

Transformation for the better

The theme for Dell Technologies for the event was Transform Teaching: Accelerate Learning. This theme broadly explores how branching beyond traditional education activities and embracing student passions can drive learning.

The potential of transformation in the teaching sector to make positive changes is a huge opportunity in MERAT specifically. From creating opportunities for remote learning in rural areas where students struggle to get to school, to truly capitalizing on investment in private school systems, to ensure it results in better learning environments. Dell Technologies education strategies can help to create the best possible solutions for both students and teachers.

The modern day teaching assistant

An efficient laptop is becoming more and more important for education professionals to perform effectively and efficiently. This years’ CES show in Las Vegas saw the announcement of the new Latitude 9510 – the world’s smallest, lightest, most intelligent 15-inch commercial laptop. With a 15” InfinityEdge screen in a 14” size and Dell Optimizer’s built-in AI, this new device will allow education professionals to be more productive whenever and however they need.

Smarter than the smart board

The center of the classroom has moved from the blackboard, to the whiteboard, to the smartboard. But the next stage is coming with the impressive Dell Technologies 86-inch 4K interactive monitor (C8621QT), which also premiered at CES. This monitor with 4K UHD resolution, 20-point multi-touch, USB-C connectivity, and Dell’s exclusive Screen Drop Feature is set to be front and center of the education revolution. The device allows collaboration between students and teachers with an interactive touch display, enabling creative ways of teaching and learning in the classroom.

Learning through gaming

Esports is reshaping entertainment, and now presents powerful new opportunities in the classroom. Students engaged in esports can develop critical thinking, analytic and leadership skills in an interactive environment accessible to varying skill levels and capabilities.

Gaming can be used to simulate real world situations in specific industries too, giving students a chance to experience problems in real time, and come up with solutions. At Bett, this was demonstrated through dedicated ESports stations with Alienware and McLaran. Visitors got hands-on with an interactive program that put them in the driving seat of a Formula 1 car and mimicked how the world-renowned automotive racing experts collect and analyze data from over 200 sensors, generating over 13,000 pieces of information.

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