Big Data Meets Security with Dell EMC at Intersec 2017

1Intersec is an important gathering; it brings together a multitude of industries, the latest trends, cutting-edge innovations and the newest products. We at Dell EMC are showcasing the latest technologies in video surveillance infrastructure and how security is fast becoming a critical component of everyday business.

In today’s environment, surveillance data is streaming in from ever-increasing sources such as body cameras, drones, in-car video, CCTV, and satellites just to name a few and in order for it to be actionable, this data needs to be secure, reliable, and available to multiple user groups across key applications.

Global Security

Heightened global security risks are driving rapid innovation in the video surveillance world, as governments and enterprises look to combat threats before they become front-page news. This trend is pushing Security and IT departments to work more closely together by sharing skills and insights, thus driving better and more accurate decision-making.

Furthermore, new threats of cyber-theft are redefining the industry as organizations look to improve protection of their digital assets and data. By uncovering local and regional vulnerabilities, organizations can help evolve the cyber landscape and strengthen their corporate position and reputation.

But Video Surveillance Does Not End There

Big Data has the opportunity to completely transform traditional video surveillance from a purely security perspective to a more intuitive and smart business application. By analyzing video footage, organizations can gain greater insights into customer behavior, optimize their operations, manage risks and even innovate! And it this action that will redefine video surveillance from a pure cost investment, to one that can generate a financial return.

In order to achieve transformation in the surveillance industry, organizations need to update the traditional tape-based storage systems with modern back-end technologies and scale-out storage such as Isilon and VSS VNX. With easy deployment and scalability, Dell EMC’s products are affordable and practical for businesses of all sizes.

Dell EMC continues to develop, validate and document a strong portfolio of custom-built sureveillance solutions. These are built on a data lake architecture that offers open-platform technologies, best of breed storage solutions and an extensive partner eco-system, thus providing seamless integration and a secure, profitable organization.

Dell EMC Session:

January 23th at 9:30AM in the AlMultaqa Room Dubai World Trade Center

Graham Porter, EMEA Director of Surveillance & Security “The Surveillance Industry Transformation”.

Come find out more about Dell EMC’s Business Continuity Solutions and video surveillance products at Intersec from 22-24 January 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Center at stand F23 or follow our live twitter updates here.

Dell EMC Stand Location

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