Big Data & 5G: The Healthcare Power Couple

For a number of years now we’ve been discussing Big Data. Its implication in the worlds of automation, VR and AI are still evolving, allowing innovation across many industries. However, accessing and analyzing data on such a huge scale has had limitations when using the current 4G connectivity.

Enter 5G.

Set to be rolled out in the Middle East throughout 2019, 5G is going to revolutionize the way we can access and utilize big data. Transporting information from the Internet of Things to data centers will be quicker than ever, enabling real time analysis. Reduced latency will allow technology imagined in movies to become a reality in the not so distant future. Big Data and 5G will quickly become an innovation dream team, transforming every industry and allowing us to fully consume creative uses of AI.

But how does this effect our day to day lives?

Arguably, one of the industries where Big Data and 5G have the biggest potential, is healthcare.

As we move into the next age of innovation, hospitals will become data centers, storing vast amounts of information on their patients which can be analyzed to provide an even better service. Delays in receiving test results can be removed, with results delivered in real time and treatment being given earlier. Plus, the advances in big data analysis could allow otherwise undetected medical conditions to be uncovered, which will support a more preventative approach than has been seen in the past. Dell EMC are very proud to be working with several medical institutions both locally and globally to enable these potentially life-saving innovations.

There is also huge potential for Big Data and 5G within the medical research field. With the introduction of AI and machine learning, data analytics can be completed at a much faster rate and bias can be removed (it is easier to teach a machine not to be bias than it is a human!). In the world of Big Data, a machine is much more likely to be able to cut through the noise, pick out trends and give actionable insights than a manual analysis by a person.

However, using 5G and Big Data doesn’t come without it’s challenges, the main one for the healthcare industry being security. It is crucial that the data gathered by healthcare professionals is 100% secure, not just for confidentiality reasons (although in the current climate this is vital), but also because breaches could become an issue of life & death in instances of remote surgery or consultations. Security Transformation services provided by Dell reduces the risk of attacks, allowing healthcare organizations to utilize the technology with peace of mind.

In order to fully unlock the potential of Big Data when 5G is rolled out, healthcare organizations need to ensure the right system architectures are being set up from now. Dell EMC Healthcare Transformation Solutions are flexible to your needs, allowing innovation to become a reality and patients to truly benefit from the big data boom.

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