Advancing Together

Havier Haddad, Channel and Alliances Director META, Dell EMC

And that’s a wrap! GITEX Technology Week came to a close a few weeks ago and left us feeling so inspired and motivated for the future. The show was packed with exciting new technology and IT solutions, but naturally I am most looking forward to what Dell EMC is going to be doing in the coming months and year ahead.

A technology revolution is upon us.

For the last 15 years, the IT industry has seen the rise of Cloud Computing, but we are now in an age where every type of device, from phones and cars to light bulbs and thermostats, are alive and intelligent. Meet the Internet of Things. With the estimated number of connected things reaching over 25 billion by 2020 and rapid innovations in collected data analysis, this isn’t just about new technology—it’s an entirely different way of doing business. That’s why Dell EMC created the IoT Solutions Partner Program to bring together innovative technology and services companies and help you and your customers be at the forefront of this change. And I am beyond excited to implement it into the MENA region!

Based on our other award-winning programs, our new IoT Solutions Partner Program is designed to give technology and service providers the tools they need to focus on advancing their own commercial and industrial IoT solutions. As a partner, you will benefit from our end-to-end portfolio of products and world-class support, plus we will equip you with boundless opportunities for sustainable business growth allowing you to gain a competitive advantage.

An entirely different way of doing business.

With the Internet of Things’ rapid growth trajectory, it is estimated that up to 85 percent of jobs in 2030 will be invented with the advent of transformational technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Robotics. And just looking around GITEX last week, these statistics are definitely on track to meet these expectations.

As the Internet of Things transforms how we live and work over the next decade, our IoT Solutions Partner Program will become a pivotal step for organizations to not only support them with the right tools, but to also reward them with extraordinary opportunities for growth and profitability across Dell’s ecosystem.

Dell EMCs unmatched expertise in delivering scalable, differentiated solutions enables our partners to integrate our purpose-built IoT hardware into full IoT solutions, while also enjoying the beauty of our simple, predictable and profitable Partner Program. We have been thrilled by the early successes of some of our partners and we cannot wait to welcome more partners on board. I look forward to working with many of you on your IoT product development and supporting you through your evolving needs.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in our IoT Solutions Partner Program today!

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