Maximize system manageability and minimize complexity with Dell Client Command Suite

    • Dell Technologies provides a powerful solution that helps simplify and automate time-consuming management tasks, so IT teams can do more with less without sacrificing device integrity or end-user productivity.


      System management capabilities that save money, time and resources

      By automating and streamlining endpoint management, Dell Client Command Suite helps IT minimize tedious, time-consuming and error-prone tasks. Included with commercial client systems, Dell Client Command Suite allows you to do more with less so you can optimize time spent managing your fleet.

    • IT admin prepares to enable endpoint management for client.


      Take the guesswork out of driver setup

      Speed up the deployment process and easily find the right drivers for your Dell fleet with Dell Command Deploy.

      • Custom driver packs in an OS-consumable state
      • Supports MEMCM, SCCM and MDT
    • IT administrator from the endpoint management team.


      Simplify BIOS configuration

      Gain flexibility and control to build, deploy and manage BIOS policies with multiple Client Command Suite tools.

      • Configure 170+ BIOS settings with an easy-to-use GUI
      • Secure baseline BIOS template for faster and easier endpoint protection
      • Scripting option for remote configuration in both pre-OS and post-OS environments
    • IT administrator from the endpoint management team.


      Stay informed with device health-state data

      Stay ahead of hardware health issues, ensure devices operate at peak efficiency and reduce unplanned system management costs across your fleet with Dell Command Monitor.

      • Collect fleet inventory remotely
      • Report hardware information, such as battery life and hard drive state
      • Retrieve warranty status easily
    • IT professional enabling endpoint configuration services.


      Keep IT and endpoint systems up-to-date and secure

      Manage and automate system updates with Dell Command Update, so your devices stay secure and patched with less work.

      • Identify, locate and install the latest BIOS, firmware, drivers and applications effortlessly
      • Orchestrate updates remotely via command line
      • Includes automatic prerequisite checks prior to installation
    • IT manager working from home on system management software


      Manage and share update catalogs within a cloud console

      Streamline workflows and reduce update errors across IT teams with Dell Command Cloud Repository Manager.

      • Tailor system updates specific to your environment
      • Collaborate and share via a cloud console
      • Store and retrieve catalogs for up to 2 years
    • Remote employee requires system management assistance.


      Remotely manage endpoints no matter the device power state

      Access and manage vPro-enabled devices, even when powered off or the device is inaccessible, for fast and easy remote system management.

      • Unique integration with Intel® vPro™ Out of Band for simplified provisioning
      • Enables remote capabilities such as KVM connect and hard drive wipe
    • Endpoint system management tool shown on computer screen.


      Simplify and automate endpoint management in the cloud

      Together, Dell Client Command Suite and Workspace ONE provide a streamlined and secure management solution for Dell Technologies systems.

      • Integrate Command Suite tools directly into the Workspace ONE console for ease of use
      • Over-the-air management of OS, BIOS and applications with fewer steps
    • Business professional working from home with IT Management Software


      Customize system management with Microsoft tool integration

      Experience Dell Client Command Suite within Microsoft Configuration Manager for customized management of Dell PCs

      • Console extensions for key Command tools and features
      • Native support for BIOS, driver and firmware patches
      • Integrated driver catalogs and imaging tools for simplified system deployment

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