OEM Engineered Solutions: Addressing unique industry needs with turnkey solutions from Dell Technologies OEM customers

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    • Dell Technologies OEM customer solutions enabled to be sold through Dell Technologies sales motions.

    • OEM Engineered Solutions

      Learn more about how our OEM customers are solving unique challenges with their solutions, powered by Dell Technologies. Explore these examples of OEM Engineered Solutions:


      Tracewell Systems Tactical Solutions

      The Tracewell suite of tactical solutions is powered by Dell Technologies infrastructure and designed to deliver specialty and mission-critical solutions for strange and unusual places.


      Kinetica In-Memory, GPU-Accelerated Database

      Deliver truly real-time actionable intelligence on large, complex, and streaming data sets. Designed on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, the Kinetica platform utilizes a powerful combination of CPUs and GPUs to analyze massive, complex datasets with millisecond response times.


      Digistor VaultDisk® Removable SSD

      Rapidly remove and replace hard drives when alternating between classified and unclassified networks. Designed on Dell Technologies, Digistor’s removable solutions save valuable time, reduce inefficiency and address security demands.


      Actifio Database Cloning Appliance

      A highly scalable copy data management platform designed on Dell EMC PowerFlex or Dell EMC VxRail and powered by Actifio software.