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    “Yeah, I’ve always known I was fast. But I’ve never known why — until now.”

    John McGuinness
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    The Technology

    Sensors. Science. Unprecedented insights.

    At the actual Isle of Man race, EMC outfitted John and his bike with sensors to gather vast amounts of biometric, mechanical and GPS data. Everything from heart rate to respiration, to engine torque, acceleration, braking, lean angles, and more.

    We ingested the data into an EMC Data Lake, and our experts took on the daunting task of analyzing it. The data was imperfect. Some was missing due to the extremely harsh racing conditions. In the end, the insights that emerged were both illuminating and exhilarating for John and for us.

    The Data We Captured


    “This is the first time in motorcycle history anyone has gathered data from man, machine and environment, all in the harshest conditions. It was a monumental Big Data challenge. The insights we’ve uncovered are fascinating.”

    Michael Foley, Director, Marketing Science Lab, EMC
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    The Insights We Gained

    Big Data explains greatness.

    • Fastest Cornering

      John brakes later and accelerates earlier out of the 200+ corners in the race. He maintains an average lean angle of 47.31 degrees, shaving seconds off his lap times.

    • Shortest Route

      John tracks the most efficient lines, on every turn and on every straight. Which means that ultimately, he rides a course that’s several feet shorter than his competitors.

    • Most Consistent

      John’s breathing and heart rate remain consistent, even in the toughest parts of the race. As a result, he shows more sustained focus and speed lap after lap.

    • The Winning Mindset

      John is able to compartmentalize the fears that stress and slow other racers. Every mile, every second, John focuses on one thing. Winning.