• See what’s possible with Big Data. Imagine what you could do.

  • Big Data, Huge Insight

    There’s a 91.07% probability you are a visionary.

    EMC’s Big Data solutions make it possible to know virtually anything. Of course, the value of information is all about how you apply it. Do it right and that value can be huge for your business. To prove it, we’ll show what we do ourselves. Our Marketing Science Lab used EMC Big Data solutions to build a “Visionary Finder.”

    It’s built on what’s called a data lake, and it lets us accurately pinpoint the best, most visionary, forward-thinking business leaders across virtually every industry, everywhere in the world. Those are the facts. Using our own team of Big Data experts has made a huge, global impact on our business. Imagine what we can do for your business.

    Learn About Our Big Data Expertise

    Finding the best customers is a lot easier when you know precisely who and where they are.

    See how we use our big data solutions to find unique customers who are ready for the incredible possibilities big data will give them.

  • Marketing Science Lab

    Getting business value is incredibly fast. So is getting up and running.

    The EMC Marketing Science Lab was created to deliver incredibly deep, 360-degree views of customer behaviors, needs, sentiments, and it drives unprecedented marketing effectiveness for EMC. All this, and it was created in mere months. Depending on your needs, you can gain real business value and growth in no time. At EMC we’ve transformed our business and gained immediate results. See how you can do the same.

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    There’s a 96.5% probability you will become a rock star.

    Big Data analytics. Predictive modeling. Statistical probabilities. They’re interesting, inspiring, and you can use them to make an incredible impact at your organization, and create enormous value. We’ve shown how we apply our own Big Data solutions to precisely identify the most influential business leaders around the world: Innovators. Early Adopters. Visionaries. Is this your best customer? Is this you?

  • “We text-mine a billion tweets, run high-speed analytics, and empower marketing, sales, manufacturing. We predict consumer behavior, drive brand awareness, everything.”

    Jeremy Burton, President, Products & Marketing, EMC
  • There’s a 100% probability you can make a huge impact with Big Data.



    Achieved on average, worldwide, by companies that use Big Data, according to TATA Consultancy.

    Achieved by companies that harness Big Data, according to the World Economic Forum.

    From telecom to insurance to manufacturing, according to the World Economic Forum.