• See what’s possible with Big Data. Imagine what you could do.

  • Big Data vs. Climate Change

    Billions of reasons to be optimistic.

    Climate change is impacting our planet, but exciting breakthroughs could help us all work together to understand it and act. We’re leading a growing movement, in conjunction with the White House Climate Data Initiative. EMC is creating what’s called a data lake that empowers anyone to access, visualize, and understand climate data in ways nobody has before. Most importantly, anyone can contribute their own data to our data lake, and make a difference. There’s a saying; “more people adding more data creates more impact.” Imagine if everyone got involved. We’d have literally billions of ways to fight climate change.

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  • Everyone talks about climate change. Imagine if you could see it.

    Take a look at the visualizations below. They show three different ways climate change impacts our planet. But there are thousands more. Big Data insights can create clear pictures of what’s happening all around us. Pick a topic. See for yourself.

  • Find out even more about EMC’s commitment to our planet.

    When do seasons change and why? When do birds migrate and where? Participate and learn more »

  • “We’re harnessing climate data captured by people anywhere in the world, and making it visual so they can see how they’re impacting important research.”

    Kathrin Winkler, Senior Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer, EMC


    This is a large project. 25,000 miles in circumference, to be exact.

    Find out how a small island in the middle of our planet can be a great way to help us understand the rest of it. See how we’re leading a program, in conjunction with the White House Climate Data Initiative, that empowers people around the world to get involved, and make a difference.

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  • Looking at the small things, (billions of them) explains the really big ones.

    The fact is, some of the most valuable insights into climate change impact can be found where you least expect it. Our team has learned it takes many, many kinds of data to understand a single thing. The world.

  • “Birds, plants, insects, even Lyme disease. They’re connected but most of the science is separate. Big Data insights combine it all so you can analyze it and act.”

    Dr. Abraham Miller-Rushing, PhD, Science Coordinator, Acadia National Park
  • Big Data teaches two things about climate change. Why it’s happening. And what you can do about it.

    Billions of bytes of data become even more valuable when you add your own through our program, EMC & Citizen Scientists Team Up. Virtually anyone, anywhere in the world will have the chance to join the fight against climate change, and collaborate to help protect our planet. This is the power of Big Data vs. Climate Change.



    Thousands fewer puffins survive because the fish they eat are being killed by warmer waters, according to the Acadia National Park Service, in the U.S.

    Millions of birds were affected by a blueberry decline caused by earlier, hotter blooming seasons, according to the Earthwatch Institute.

    Billions of icicles are longer in Iceland. Why? The warmer it is, the more they drip, the longer they grow, according to SVALI, Nordic Centre of Excellence.