• Bring cloud capabilities to demanding workloads

      Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs bring best-of-breed Dell EMC infrastructure that is interoperable with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and delivered as pre-tested designs with deployment guidance. Organizations can now meet the varied demands of workloads with independent scaling of compute and storage by building their own hybrid cloud infrastructure with prescriptive building blocks.

    • Autonomous Infrastructure

    • PowerOne


      PowerOne delivers intelligent automation, enabling organizations to save 1000’s of tasks associated with provisioning, deploying, and maintaining modern IT configurations. It’s now easy to spin up workload-ready clusters in just a few clicks, making the infrastructure serve the dynamic needs of today’s modern applications and resources, not the other way around. This automation and control enable a 98% reduction in manual tasks (compared to DIY), greatly reducing risk while saving time & money. 1

    • Data Storage

    • PowerMax and Dell EMC Unity XT

      PowerMax and Dell EMC Unity XT

      With Validated Designs for Dell EMC Unity XT and PowerMax storage, organizations have more choice for workloads with external storage-intensive requirements. VCF now supports both Fiber Channel (FC) and Network File System (NFS) storage classes as primary and ancillary storage for workload domains. This is ideal for applications with demanding throughput and capacity needs as storage can be scaled independently delivering greater performance.

    • Servers

    • PowerEdge MX

      PowerEdge MX

      Dell EMC PowerEdge MX and its onboard management, OpenManage Enterprise – Modular Edition, now supports interoperability with VCF based on DMTF Redfish standards. This enables organizations to rapidly provision and scale resources dynamically—composing and recomposing storage infrastructure on-the-fly, within a flexible, scalable cloud infrastructure built on PowerEdge.

    • Resources

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    • 1Based on internal Del EMC testing, September 2019. Analysis of manual steps replaced by PowerOne automation from delivery to production ready state on a 16 node 4 chassis system. Actual results will vary.