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      • Daten werden immer mehr zu einer der wertvollsten Ressourcen, die Unternehmen besitzen – und genau darum ist Data Protection wichtiger als je zuvor.

        * Dell EMC hat 2.200 IT-Entscheider aus 18 Ländern weltweit zur Ausgereiftheit ihrer Data-Protection-Strategien und ihrer Wertschätzung von Daten befragt sowie die relative Bereitschaft ihrer Unternehmen bewertet.

      • Vertrauen Sie in Ihre Data-Protection-Strategien?

        • Überprüfen Sie den Status der Data Protection auf der ganzen Welt.
        • Erfahren Sie, wie Führungskräfte Ihre Daten behandeln.
        • Sehen Sie sich an, wie Sie im Vergleich zu Ihren Mitbewerbern abschneiden.


        GDPI: New 2020 Snapshot

        Digital disruption is on the rise. To understand the impact of cloud and the complexities of advanced technologies on data protection readiness, Dell Technologies surveyed 1,000 IT decision makers across 15 countries in the new Global Data Protection Index 2020 Snapshot1.


        GDPI: 2018 Complete Study

        Today’s digital economy demands that organizations look at new ways to accelerate IT transformation, drive new revenue streams, and deliver better business outcomes by modernizing IT. The complexity of these environments requires sound data protection. Yet key findings from the Global Data Protection Index – a landmark Dell Technologies commissioned data protection readiness survey of 2,200 IT decision makers across 18 countries globally2 – reveal that, while making progress, the vast majority of organizations are still behind the curve in data protection readiness.

        Learn how global issues including data loss and downtime impact how organizations are able to transform and grow, and what is needed to keep pace with a rapidly shifting IT landscape.


        Data Protection Maturity Index Calculator

        Where does your organization rank on data protection readiness?

        The Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index measures the maturity of data protection strategies, and assesses the relative preparedness of businesses. Use the results of this survey to better understand if your organization is on solid ground. Learn which areas you can address to ensure your data is fully protected today and into the future.

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