• End-to-end VDI Solutions from Dell

    Transform your workforce…

    Empower your users to work anytime anywhere with virtual desktops and applications.

    The way we work has fundamentally changed with more employees working outside the office on their own schedule. With virtual infrastructure, you can enable your workforce to be more productive while streamlining IT costs and management.

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  • Why consider Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, commonly referred to as VDI, is a key workforce transformation enabler for most organization by freeing employees to work anytime anywhere without compromising on security or a high-quality end user experience. VDI also streamlines IT operations and cost management through a simplified approach to provisioning and patching user environments that can be seamlessly delivered to centrally managed thin client devices.

  • Deliver virtual desktops and apps with…

    Validated products and solutions that are easy to deploy and manage


    Dell offers purpose-built products and solutions that dramatically reduce the barriers to adopting VDI. Whether you’re considering building out a new environment or expanding an existing footprint, Dell offers a predictable approach to procure, deploy and support a virtual desktop and application environment that delivers a secure, high-performance experience that your end users expect.