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    Data Center Transformation Services

    • Accelerate data center transformation, minimize risk

      Dell Technologies Consulting Services defines your data center modernization strategy more quickly. We help you move forward fast, with confidence.

      Our application-centric methodologies maximize efficiency and minimize risk and costs. While our experience migrating interdependent applications and infrastructures allows us to complete your modernization at speed.

    • Key Benefits

      • Reduce IT operations costs
      • Improve reliability and efficiency
      • Set optimal data center migration schedules that address application and business tolerances
      • Optimize your data centers with efficient, proven migration methods
    • Helpful Resources

      Valuable resources, insights and information

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      Accelerate Data Center Migrations with Automation

      Our automation services and technology can accelerate even the most complex data center migration.

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      An App-centric Approach to Data Center Migration

      Learn how our approach, methodology and automated tool capabilities support our customers’ data center modernization needs.

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      Data Center Strategy Service Overview

      We help enterprises define the optimum data center modernization strategy.

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      The Total Economic Impact of Dell Technologies Data Center Modernization and Migration Services

      This analyst report outlines the cost savings and business benefits our data center services provide.

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      Data Center Modernization and Migration Services Infographic

      See at a glance the cost savings and business benefits our data center modernization and migration services enable.

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      Data Center Strategy Services

      Jumpstarts your data center transformation with minimized cost and agile benefits of your data center infrastructure with our data center strategy services.

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      Day 1 Operating Model Implementation for Converged Infrastructure

      Learn how Dell EMC helps you implement the processes, roles, and infrastructure services you need to be operational with your converged infrastructure, on Day 1.

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    • 1,2,3 Based on July 2017 Forrester Consulting report, “The Total Economic Impact of Dell EMC Data Center Modernization and Migration Services,” commissioned by Dell EMC.