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    Application Archiving & Retirement Services

    • Cost-saving application retirement strategy

      Dell Technologies Consulting Services provides Application Archiving and Retirement services to give you a complete enterprise application solution. We simplify the task of identifying and retiring infrequently used applications. Your data is retained and accessible for any regulatory compliance and business needs. What’s more, with dramatically reduced management and maintenance you’ll enjoy a rapid return on your investment.

    • Key Benefits

      • Quick and easy search
      • Ease of adoption
      • Chain of custody
      • Data and content support 
      • Standards-based formats
      • Governance
      • Cost reduction

    • What We Offer Purpose Benefits What You Get
      Application Archiving and Retirement
      • Enable legacy applications to be retired and data to be archived 

      • Access to system data for reporting and compliance purposes
      • Quick and easy search—A web-based interface for searching data across all retired applications

      • Ease of adoption—Custom UIs to emulate key search and reporting features of retired applications to ease adoption by business users

      • Chain of custody—Assurance that data is not tampered with and that there is an unbroken chain of custody from data extraction to future usage

      • Data and content support—A complete solution for organizations that need to manage both structured and unstructured data 
      • Standards-based formats—An industry standard, future-proof, format for extracted data

      • Governance—Support for ILM policies such as date based-retention, legal hold, role-based access control and access auditing

      • Cost reduction—The savings gained from legacy applications' retirement will, in virtually all cases, more than pay for the archive solution implemented
      • Repeatable strategy for prioritizing and planning application retirements leads to greater risk control, lower costs per application, and an accelerated return on investment

      • All your data remains safely and securely stored until its disposal is required by corporate rules or industry regulations

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