• End User Computing Services

    • Outstanding user experiences

      Integrating a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) into your environment requires careful evaluation and potentially significant technical changes to your current end user environment. Dell Technologies Consulting Services help make this process as easy and cost-efficient as possible.

      The most important step is identifying each type of user’s needs. We use automated tools to collect data and define user personas within your organization. We then use this information to provide optimized user experiences for each persona. This takes the guesswork out of implementing your VDI, providing improved cost-efficiency, security and alignment with the size of your organization and specific worker needs.

    • Deliver secure, on-demand apps and desktops

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      Productivity and innovation come when users have the tools needed to work at their best

      Knowing what your workforce needs and giving it to them can have a powerful impact on your business. When users have access to the right devices, cloud-based applications and data solutions, they’re free to innovate and achieve more. Our Workforce Persona services help you identify exactly what your users need to perform at their best.

      • Personalized user experience
      • Improved productivity
      • Enhance collaboration with technology that supports how users work best technology for the way they work
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      Simpler implementation, reduced deployment time

      Deploying virtualized desktops across your workforce not only enhances the end-user experience, it improves your ability to meet availability goals while decreasing costs across your organization. Plus, with 95% of cyberattacks originating at the end point, VDI offers you enhanced security and control.

      • Enhanced security
      • Reduced costs on implementation, deployment and licensing
      • Improved manageability across your environment
      • Lower cost per seat
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      A best-practice approach to diagnosing and troubleshooting virtual desktop environments.

      Our VDI Health Check service identifies known and unknown issues in your environment with comprehensive diagnosis and troubleshooting. This can save your organization significant time in analysis and diagnostics, as well as keeping systems up and users productive.

      • Measure the end-user experience
      • Quantify resource utilization and performance bottlenecks
      • Provide actionable intelligence to optimize or resolve impacts
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      Giving users access to their applications and desktops anywhere, any time, on any device.

      We deliver enterprise-grade transformations of traditional desktop platforms into modern, flexible virtual workplaces. This cost-effective, scalable solution combines Dell Technologies Consulting Services IP and best in class products from Dell Technologies.

      • Enhanced security
      • Increased manageability
      • Reduced total cost
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      An easy way to buy and support virtual desktops and apps.

      VDI Complete provides superior end-to-end desktop and application virtualization. Our service combines fully optimized and validated Dell Technologies portfolio products with flexible consumption models.

      All you need to do is:

      • Choose your infrastructure
      • Choose your platform
      • Choose your add-ons

    • Secure end user configurations. Improved productivity. Reduced costs.

      Adopting a VDI environment requires more than just software installation and configuration. Success depends on technical expertise and proven experience. Our VDI consultants bring just that to every project. We support you with everything from assessment, to systems design, application delivery, desktop deployment, integration, security, and systems management. So, you can equip your users with the tools they need to perform at their peak.