• Oplev et væld af teknologi - se IT fra nye vinkler. Hør fra kunder og leverandører og få et indspark der vil hjælpe dig til innovation i din virksomhed.

      TAP 1
      Raffinaderivej 10, 2300 Kbh S.

    • Vælg blandt 26 sessioner. Der er både introduktionssessioner, kundevinkler, og meget tekniske sessioner. Om du vil opleve sammenhæng i it-porteføljen, høre det seneste indenfor Edge Computing, Sikkerhed og Cybersecurity eller høre om Sustainability og Women in Tech, så har vi noget for enhver interesse og faglighed. Vi glæder os til at at se dig i TAP 1.

  • 08:30 - 09:30 | Arrival and Registration


      Location: Entrance and Exhibition area

    09:30 - 11:00 | Welcome to the Forum


      Speaker: Ulrik Kjelgaard, Adm. direktør Dell Technologies Danmark

      Location: Mainstage

    • EXECUTIVE KEYNOTE: The Architects of Innovation

      Speaker: Nigel Moulton, EMEA CTO, Converged Platforms and Solutions Division, Dell Technologies

      Location: Mainstage

    • EXECUTIVE KEYNOTE: Inspirerende kundehistorie

      Speaker: Thomas Okke Frahm, CIO, Vestas Wind Systems
      Få indblik i Vestas digitale transformation - Hvordan agerer IT-afdelingen i en REAL transformation

      Location: Mainstage

    10.55 - 11:15 | Coffee Break


      Location: Exhibition area

    11.00 - 13:00 | Women In Technology


      Location: HAL 2

      As a part of our Dell Technologies Forum, we are hosting a session on the theme: "Women in Technology". Join us to network, mingle and exchange experiences with inspiring women in the business. Both men and women are equally welcome.

    11:15 - 12:00 | Breakout Sessions

    • Work at Full Speed with Dell Client Solutions

      THEATRE 1

      Mats Jentzen, Dell Technologies

      End-point Security is integrated in this presentation. Dell’s latest product line-up, featuring a completely redesigned mobility portfolio, is focused on delivering faster, smarter end-user experiences to get people productive more quickly and easily, and help them stay there. Learn how your employees can work at full speed.

    • Unlock Data Capital to Differentiate Your Business

      THEATRE 2

      Data is rapidly becoming an organization’s most critical asset, and unlocking its value creates new opportunities for differentiation. To maximize data capital in a hybrid and multi-cloud world, attention must be paid to where data resides, and how it is managed and protected. Learn how industry-leading Dell EMC storage and data protection solutions simplify the entire data landscape—from edge to core to cloud—while automating data services and securing data assets.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud – Cloud Without the Chaos

      THEATRE 3

      Thomas Andersen, Dell Technologies

      Managing multiple clouds is the new reality for organizations, but that doesn’t have to mean added complexity. See how Dell Technologies Cloud can improve your cloud experience with consistent infrastructure and operations across private cloud, public cloud, and the edge.

    • The Power of the Portfolio: Dell EMC Storage

      THEATRE 4

      Lars Liljeroth, Dell Technologies

      Data is rapidly becoming a significant source of capital in today’s digital economy—and organizations are sharply focused on how data is stored and managed. This session highlights the role Dell EMC plays in addressing today’s increasing demand for storage, featuring recent innovations across the industry-leading Dell EMC primary and unstructured storage portfolios. Specifically, new platforms and capabilities will be discussed, as well as new multi-cloud offerings and automation capabilities—all designed to unlock your data capital.

    12:00 - 13:00 | Lunch


      Location: Exhibition area

    13:00 - 13:25 | Keynote session

    • EXECUTIVE KEYNOTE: Digital at Scale

      Location: Mainstage

      Speaker: Peter Løngreen, Director General HPC and CTO, Danish National Genome Center - the Ministry of Health

    13.30 - 15:30 | Sustainability with Circular Economy


      Location: Mainstage

      Dell Technologies are very active in sustainability matters. Just recently, we launched our new “Progress made Real” strategy report with our new 2030 goals. One of the key topics is Circular Economy. As part of Dell Technologies Forum, we will like to invite you to join a two hours session where you get inspired from a number of companies on how they drive this agenda. It is also a great opportunity to network with experts.

    13:30 - 14:00 | Breakout Sessions

    • Workforce Transformation: Putting your employees first with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace

      THEATRE 1

      Sylvia Seybel,  Vice President, Global Clients,  Dell Technologies


      At Dell Technologies, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your workforce transformation goals. We enable you to attract and retain the right talent and grow your business effectively with solutions like Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, providing seamless and intuitive user experiences, simplified management and support, as well as trusted security. It is our job to help you put your employees first. (presented in English)

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: A challenge to consider

      THEATRE 2

      AI and ML are challenging the way that business is conducted and bring new considerations for infrastructure, for data, and for monetization.  This session will look at some of these considerations and attempts at remediating them.

    • Driving value through innovation: Dell EMC PowerEdge and PowerSwitch

      THEATRE 3

      Thue Stahl, Dell Technologies

      Infrastructure modernization is more than just raw computational horsepower or data throughput. Join us to learn how Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and PowerSwitch networking deliver innovative hardware features, management capabilities and strategic approaches to provide the greatest possible value for your business or organization.

    • What is new in Dell Technologies high-end storage? PART 1 of 2

      THEATRE 4

      Bent Lerager, Presales Manager Modern Datacenter

      Pls attend both part 1 and part 2. Get a deep understanding of the latest announcement of PowerMax/VMAX, this include knowledge on Storage Class Memory (SCM), 32G FC with NVMeoF, Performance improvements, SRDF/Metro dynamic expansion, integration with vRO, CSI and Kubernetes. (Danish)

    14:00 - 14.30 | Breakout Sessions

    • Cybersecurity in the Changed Digital World

      THEATRE 1

      Ken Willén, Secureworks

      The world we live in has changed and continues to change every day. Building and maintaining a security posture that protects your organizations now and into the future is a leading priority for many organizations. Join Secureworks as they expand on the benefits gained by a clear understanding of your organizations digital transformation journey, your inherent risk, and the external threats you could face. This understanding should shape the frame of modern thinking when it comes to security and how the industry is evolving to enable business to take action against these concepts.

    • Cloud as a Service v/Dustin

      THEATRE 2

      Michael Rasmussen, Advanced Managed Service Specialist, Purity en del af Dustin

      Cloud as a Service.
      Alle skal i skyen, men hvad koster det og har du egentlig kontrol på dine data?


    • PowerEdge Porteføljen

      THEATRE 3

      Thue Stahl, Dell Technologies

       A technical approach on the scalable business architecture of PowerEdge. Which servermodel works with what kind of workload. What processors are new on market and what are the benefits in combination with the PowerEdge – your infrastructure. Lets deep dive into the technical bits. (in Danish)

    • What is new in Dell Technologies high-end storage? PART 2 of 2

      THEATRE 4

      Bent Lerager, Presales Manager Modern Datacenter

      Pls attend both part 1 and part 2. Get a deep understanding of the latest announcement of PowerMax/VMAX, this include knowledge on Storage Class Memory (SCM), 32G FC with NVMeoF, Performance improvements, SRDF/Metro dynamic expansion, integration with vRO, CSI and Kubernetes. (Danish)

    14:30 - 15:00 | Coffee Break


      Location: Exhibition area

    15:00 - 15:30 | Breakout Sessions

    • Simplify PC lifecycle management with PC as a Service

      THEATRE 1

      Hugo Reinholdt, Dell Technologies Services

      Managing the day-to-day burden of PC lifecycle management often leaves IT departments little time to focus on innovation and strategic priorities that help drive business transformation. Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS) simplifies PC lifecycle management. It combines hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing in one all-encompassing solution. All you pay is a single, predictable price per-seat-per-month through Dell Financial Services. (in Danish)

    • Atea: Sådan bygger du et Software Defineret Datacenter – Rejsen mod den hybride cloud

      THEATRE 2


      Atea deler deres tanker om, hvordan man går videre med at aktivere en ægte hybrid cloud strategi baseret på både private og public clouds. Og hvordan man skaber en mere fleksibel infrastruktur til det moderne datacenter.

      Atea benytter VMwares teknologi kombineret med egne tjenester og Dell Technologies til at levere et komplet Software Defineret Datacenter, der kan understøtte din cloud rejse

    • Cloud Migrations with VMware

      THEATRE 3


      Rapidly and easily migrate vSphere-based workloads to the cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS. Reduce the risk and cost of cloud migrations compared to alternatives that require conversions or re-architecture. Leverage familiar VMware tools and skillsets to accelerate cloud migrations. Once in the cloud, leverage VMware and AWS services to modernize your applications at your pace.

    • Modernize and Transform IT with Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

      THEATRE 4

      Carl Watt-Boolsen, Advisory vArchitect Nordics

      Modern IT organizations want to eliminate complexity by extending consistent infrastructure and operations across their private cloud, public cloud, and edge computing environments. Learn how converged and hyperconverged infrastructure are helping businesses transform IT by simplifying and automating operations and delivering a turnkey experience, while also serving as the foundation for Dell Technologies Cloud platforms.

    15:30 - 16:00 | Breakout Sessions

    • Sweet Data Gold: Unlocking Siloed Data

      THEATRE 1

      Linda Lindborg, Boomi Danmark

      Done well, data is the gift that keeps on giving. The problem is starting with what we have. Join Dell Boomi to explore the paths on how to break down silos and unlock the value of data across your business ecosystem. Learn how to transform your business to increase efficiency, productivity and value.

    • Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio Overview: Cloud-Enabled, Software-Defined, VMware Integrated

      THEATRE 2

      Urs Kent, Dell Technologies & Helge

      In the digital era, where data is increasingly seen as an organization’s most valued asset, IT leaders are taking a data-first mindset with a focus on where it resides, how it is managed, and the way it must be protected. Learn how Dell EMC can protect your data—no matter where it is located—with simply powerful, cost-effective backup and continuous data protection solutions that improve uptime and avoid data loss. With simple, native VMware integrations and cutting-edge cloud functionality, our comprehensive portfolio of all-in-one data protection appliances and software-defined solutions protect you from edge to core to cloud. (Danish)

    • IT and Application Transformation: The Foundation For Your Digital Strategy

      THEATRE 3

      Lars B. Andersen, Dell Technologies

      This discussion shares Dell Technologies point-of-view regarding the key elements involved with transforming IT into a streamlined organization that accelerates your digital strategy by rethinking the way you design, build and run both custom and off-the-shelf applications. (Danish)

    • The hyperconverged portfolio – too much choice? A technical comparison of technologies

      THEATRE 4

      Nikolaj Kjeldsen, Chief Architect Datacenter Technologies EMEA & Carl Watt-Boolsen, Advisory vArchitect Nordics

      Join us in the technical session, where the VxRail (incl Vsan) and VxFlex hyperconverged solutions will be compared to each other to find out which is right choice for you. (Danish)

    16:00 - 16:30 | Breakout Sessions

    • Security Transformation: Rethink security to accelerate Your Innovation

      THEATRE 1

      Jesper Sachmann, RSA

      In the digital era, security needs to be at the center of your business. Threats are increasingly sophisticated, multifaceted, and expanding in number daily. Organizations need security at the speed of business.  Learn how Dell Technologies’ trusted security solutions help you ensure security is an essential part of your business strategy to accelerate innovation.

    • Edge, IoT and 5G: Connecting people and machines to data

      THEATRE 2

      The Edge is a data-rich environment with new sources of information developing every day.  To extract the maximum value of this data, connections between people, machines, and the organizations that transform data is vital.  This session will look at how to extract business value from this data-rich environment.

    • SD-WAN Networking

      THEATRE 4

      Magnus Romedahl, Dell Technologies

      The VEP1400 will bring high performance x86 processing to the CPE market at a price/performance level not seen before. There is a large demand for SD-WAN and other uCPE applications.
      With full QAT* (Intel Quick Assist Technology) and DPDK** (Data Plan Development Kit) support, the VEP1400 brings the right features, performance and price to the bulk of the UCPE market. Listen in on how this is relevant to your business.

    16:30 - 17:30 | Drinks Reception


      Location: Exhibition area

    17:30 | Event Close