• Introduction



    This chapter briefly describes a variety of security features implemented on the storage system.

    Topics include:


    The storage system uses a variety of security features to control user and network access, monitor system access and use, and support the transmission of storage data. This document describes available security features.

    This document is intended for administrators responsible for storage system configuration and operation.

    The guide approaches security settings within the categories shown in Table 1:

    Table 1. Security settings categories
    Security category
    Access control
    Limiting access by end-user or by other entities to protect hardware, software, or specific product features.
    Managing the logging of events.
    Communication security
    Securing product network communications.
    Data security
    Providing protection for product data.
    Maintaining control of product service operations performed by the manufacturer or its service partners.
    Alert system
    Managing the alerts and notifications generated for security-related events.
    Other security settings
    Security settings that do not fall in one of the previous sections, such as physical security.

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