• Improving patient outcomes with better digital imaging

      Fujifilm can simplify digital image access and analysis by using EMC hyper-converged appliances to increase efficiency, agility and savings  

    • Customer

      Fujifilm Medical Systems  

    • Industry


    • Offerings

      EMC VxRail hyper-converged appliance

    • Key Challenges

      Give clinicians instant, on-demand access to digital images

      Accelerate solution implementation times for new customers

      Reduce costs

      Help customers meet changing imaging requirements

    • Outcomes

      With EMC VxRail, Fujifilm can: Improve patient care and customer experience

      Help ensure continuous delivery of medical services that depend on imaging

      Boost customer service levels with greater efficiency

      Enhance innovation and flexibility

      Save money

  • Our Approach

    Hyper-convergence is ideal for delivering mission-critical imaging services

    When Fujifilm Medical Systems learned about the EMC VxRail hyper-converged appliance, it began testing it. What caught engineers’ interest? The appliance includes the core physical and virtual technologies they require, including physical servers, storage and networking as well as VMware vSphere and VMware Virtual SAN. In addition, all components are fully integrated, preconfigured and pretested, so engineers can rapidly provision and scale customer environments using one bundled solution rather than having to deploy, configure and manage stand-alone server, storage and networking technologies.  

    • “Converged infrastructure … is hugely important. It’s changed everything and I think it’s going to speed up our business. It will make us more efficient—but also help us deliver better patient care for our customers, which is ultimately what everything is about.”

      Esteban Rubens, Senior Storage Architect, Fujifilm Medical Systems   

  • Outcomes

    Enhances flexibility and facilitates innovation while saving money

    With VxRail, Fujifilm can support VMs, SANs or a combination of both on one highly configurable appliance. And because engineers need less time to manage the hyper-converged solution compared with traditional environments, they can focus on innovation rather than day-to-day administrative tasks, which saves time and money.

    Boost customer service levels with greater efficiency

    With VxRail, Fujifilm can add new clients and modify services faster. Not only can engineers easily adjust the appliance to support different kinds of server and storage workloads, but also they can provision a new appliance in just 15 minutes. And because key integration and configuration processes are automated, the environment is repeatable and predictable.  

    Improves patient care and customer experience

    By giving customers consistently fast and highly reliable access to imaging, clinicians can provide better care—and both clinicians and patients will experience less frustration.