Meet the challenge of Cloud transformation with expert help

    • A successful Cloud strategy will deliver on desired business outcomes and simplify your operations. Because we deploy and manage Clouds around the globe, we understand the challenges and risks to transformation. Our experts share best practices to help take your Cloud journey from the whiteboard to production. When you need more help, we can take on the day-to-day management of your Cloud operations so you can focus on other priorities. We can also train your team and help them achieve the latest certifications, thus ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to support your Cloud. No matter what you need to implement your Cloud strategy, we’re here to help make it easier.


      Get the most from your Cloud with trusted experts

      Organizations are adopting Cloud solutions so they can rapidly adapt to evolving needs, gain competitive advantages and achieve business outcomes, but keeping IT staff up to speed on the latest technologies is a constant challenge.  Our managed services team is here to help, delivering fast, consistent, modern Cloud management you can depend on. 

      We will work with you on a solution designed to meet your specific needs, making it easy to entrust daily operations to our experts so your resources can focus on innovation and other strategic priorities.


      Build and validate essential Cloud skills

      Training and certification paths for Cloud infrastructure, operating models and modern data and application patterns provide the knowledge and skills required to earn the benefits of your Cloud strategy.

      • Explore our training solutions designed to empower your workers and improve IT experiences.
      • Optimize the skills and knowledge to administer and manage the VxRail Platform.
      • Develop new skills in multi-cloud environments.

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      Find courses in planning and designing Cloud infrastructure and services.

      Get Certification
      From fundamental trainings to becoming a Certified Cloud Expert, explore the journey to certification.