• Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform (VEP) empowers customers to modernize their WAN from legacy appliances to a modern virtualized environment.

      • Purpose-built open modular and compact uCPE platforms to host Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
      • Future-ready to add workloads without a forklift upgrade
      • Validated choice of VNFs from leading software partners
    • Watch the video of Dell IT SD-WAN deployment on the VEP4600, supporting Dell’s world-class global supply chain

    • Explore Virtual Edge Platforms for hosting Virtual Network Functions


    • Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform 4600

      This VEP is a high-performance Open Modular uCPE optimized to host VNFs. Ideal for SD-WAN. Perfect for SP edge or enterprise branch.

      • High-performance Intel Xeon-D 2100 networking optimized processor
      • Upgradable with interface or WiFi expansion cards
      • Networking form factor: front to back airflow, front facing ports, redundant power and fan supplies
    • Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform 1405

      Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform 1405

      This VEP is a high-value open compact uCPE optimized to host VNFs and is ideal for SD-WAN. Perfect for smaller locations.

      • Intel Atom C-3000 networking optimized processor with low power consumption
      • Compact desktop dimensions, with available kit for rack installations.
      • Complements high-performance modular Virtual Edge Platform 4600


    • Products Description Benefits


      Modular high performance open uCPE
      • Purpose built for highest performance
      • Expansion slots ready for additional interfaces or WiFi


      Compact high- value open uCPE
      • Ideal for smaller locations
      • Low power consumption
    • Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform: Next-generation access

    • Empowering customers to increase their innovation and competitive advantages through WAN virtualization.

      • Quickly adapt to change – virtualizing network functions  enables rapid adaption to the changing networking requirements of mission -critical applications 
      • Improve availability – rapidly add WAN capacity and confidentially run critical applications over broadband
      • Save money – improve operational efficiency through more efficient utilization of MPLS circuits and broadband and ease of provisioning and monitoring

      Purpose built: Designed for high-performance virtual networking, like SD-WAN, virtual firewall and WAN optimization.


      Future ready: Providing investment protection to add VNFs without a forklift upgrade


      Validated choice: Choice of leading VNFs validated on our platforms and supported with Dell EMC supply chain

    • Resources


      VEP4600 Spec Sheet

      The VEP4600 is designed from the ground up, with the headroom and performance, to host multiple VNFs, like SD-WAN. 


      VEP1405 Spec Sheet

      The VEP1405 is a value designed Universal CPE (uCPE); and is ideal for hosting SD-WAN and other VNFs like routing, firewall or deep-packet inspection.


      Dell IT deploys SD-WAN internally

      See how Dell IT deployed the Virtual Edge Platform and VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud to support Dell’s world-class supply chain.


      VEP4600 Technical Documentation

      Technical documentation for the VEP4600 series, including Getting Started, Installation, and Technology Guides


      VEP1405 Technical Documentation

      Technical documentation for the VEP1405 series, including Getting Started, Installation, and Technology Guides


      SD-WAN Solutions Technical Documentation

      Technical documentation about SD-WAN Solution products, including guides, white papers, FAQs and other documentation.

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