• The Real Threat of Cyber Attacks

    Cyber attacks are on the rise. There is a growing concern that these hacks can lead to the destruction of mission critical data. The impact of not being able to recover business processes and data can be devastating. Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Solution provides a last line of data protection defense against ransomware and malware attacks.



      Identify applications, recovery times, and recovery point objectives.



      Policy-driven automated workflows to move business critical data into an isolated environment and lock it down. Create policies in less than 5 steps and identify issues with a powerful dashboard.



      The rapidly changing threat landscape demands an adaptive analytics framework, so the solution stays ahead of the bad actor by enabling tools incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analytics methods within the Cyber Recovery Vault.



      Automate your recovery workflow to perform recovery and remediation after an incident and bring your business’ resiliency to a higher level.

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    As fast as organizations build defenses against attacks, hackers come up with new ways to work around them.