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      Learn more about Edge and IoT Solutions with dedicated blogs, podcasts and webinars written and produced by industry thought leaders and technology experts. 

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      Our Dell Technologies CTOs have played a critical role in developing our Edge and IoT portfolio. You can follow their latest blogs, podcasts and more here.


      Technical Disruptions Emerging in 2020

      Read the latest blog from John Roese, CTO of Products and Operations, about how the emergent technologies that stand to make a dramatic impact on IT systems and industry thinking in 2020.


      Transforming Data Management with John Roese

      The tech environment cyclically changes from centralized to decentralized – but what is driving that change? Find out in this episode of The Next Horizon podcast with John Roese.


      How Edge Will Fuel The Digital Future

      Understand the importance of a data-first architecture, building a cloud-enabled mobile edge and untethering edge from cloud.

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    • Customer Stories



      Real-Time And Worldwide Fine Tuning Of Manufacturing Processes



      Transforming from physical to digital for a better customer experience.


      Conserve It

      Improve quality and yield by monitoring – and controlling, if desired – your production line in real time.



      Transforming video technology to handle thousands of high-definition cameras, for better city living.