• Proven and modern data protection for every step in your cloud journey

      Dell EMC Data Protection solutions for cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud helps customers transform their data centers to enable greater operational efficiency, resiliency and scalability throughout the entire cloud infrastructure. 

    • Whether you want to leverage cloud computing now, or in the near future, only Dell EMC offers 100% cloud-enabled data protection and back up solutions:

      • Public cloud protection
      • Cloud disaster recovery
      • Long-term retention
      • Hybrid cloud integration
    • Cloud Data Backup Solutions

    • public cloud data protection

      Public Cloud Protection

      Make the most of your cloud investment with cloud data protection, data management and data mobility from Dell Technologies. Whether you are working on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or a combination of providers, Dell EMC helps deploy and scale cloud data protection wherever data lives.

    • Long Term Retention in the Cloud

      Long-Term Retention in the Cloud

      Efficiently retain infrequently accessed data across cloud providers and reduce or eliminate the reliance on tape. Dell EMC Cloud Tier natively tiers deduplicated data to the cloud for long-term retention directly onto cloud object storage reducing your storage footprint. 

    • Hybrid Cloud Protection

      Hybrid Cloud Protection

      While agile and efficient, multi-cloud environments can also bring complexity, which is where Dell Technologies comes in. Our Cloud Data Protection Solutions customers protect data in hybrid cloud environments and provide a consistent operating model that unifies environments and reduces risk.

    • Cloud Native Protection

      Cloud Native Protection

      Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager enables the discovery, protection and management of production workloads in Kubernetes containers and protects both production and dev/test workloads to ensure that the data is easy to backup and restore. Working alongside VMware, Data Manager leverages the Project Velero Kubernetes-native architecture developed for Kubernetes environments and is integrated directly into the user interface.

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    • Microsoft Azure & Azure Stack

      Microsoft Azure & Azure Stack

      Dell EMC delivers applications and services with a consistent Azure experience, on-premises.

    • Google Cloud Platform

      Unleash the full potential of public cloud data protection