Becoming a digital business with emerging technologies

    • Accelerate your innovation with emerging technologies

      Emerging technologies will allow organizations to innovate with data in ways we never thought possible. Smart vehicles will become autonomous. Remote tele-medicine will remove barriers to healthcare. Digital cities will revolutionize our daily lives.

      The fact is, emerging technologies such as AI, IoT and 5G operating at the edge are part of a sea change across every industry. A new age is upon us and together, we can advance the quality of life for billions.

    • FORECASTING 2030

      See how emerging technologies are reshaping our lives

    • EDGE

      The promise of emerging technology is balanced on the edge

      • Nearly all the promises of emerging technology are reliant on the edge. It can fundamentally transform how people and machines interact with digital services, advance human progress and shape the future. From new AR and VR uses, to enhanced efficiency and control in healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, retail, financial services, telco and much more.

      • 75%

        of enterprise-generated data in 2025 will be created and processed outside a traditional data center or cloud1

    • Maximize performance from the core, to the cloud and to the edge beyond

    • 5G

      5G multiplies performance. Then multiplies it again.

      • 5G ushers in a world of mobile connectivity that can create experiences with performance levels equal to physical connection. We can help you get to this digital future; from faster video downloads and near-instantaneous response times to web browsing and massive file sharing. Fast.

      • 40%

        of global networks will be covered by 5G in 2024, handling 25% of the mobile traffic2

    • Get the power of a real-time connected world

    • Artificial Intelligence

      Artificial intelligence led by human intelligence

      • Harnessing any AI application is a human-centric journey for every organization, regardless of industry or location. We believe today’s accelerating shift from physical to digital interactions requires the creation of a clear process and plan to get AI to meet your real-world needs.

      • 31%

        of businesses plan to use AI to improve services3

    • Here’s how to get the true benefits of AI


      Your digital future can be on the cutting edge of IoT

      • IoT with edge can get you to the digital future faster. The fact is, IoT’s promise is to digitally sense the physical world and transform material things into high value, actionable data. We make this real, using IoT data to fuel other emerging technologies that drive human progress in every aspect of life.

      • 65%

        of enterprises will adopt IoT products by 20204

    • Making IoT real demands an open approach

    • Find out how we can help you harness emerging technologies


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      2 Ericson Mobility Report, Nov 2019.

      3 ESG Study commissioned by Dell Technologies. 2019.

      4 Gartner